NEW YORK (PIX11) — Some of the most powerful civil rights leaders, including Rev. Al Sharpton, gathered Monday night for the National Action Network 2023 Triumph Awards.

The ceremony honors cultural influencers who go above and beyond, harnessing their platforms to make a difference and drive social change.

“I think it is important that we stop and take a breath and realize that art and culture informs politics,” said Sharpton. “And if we can get together on Broadway, then maybe we can get together in the world.”

“When you do great work, wherever you do it at, it should be celebrated,” said Wanda Howell, one of the ceremony’s attendees.

Among this year’s honorees is Tony Award-winning actor Leslie Odom Junior, who stars in the Broadway revival of ‘Purlie Victorious.’

“Though art, through the Triumph Awards, you’re bridging the gap between communities that would not normally get together, and I’m so grateful for that,” said Stevante Clark, whose brother Stephon was shot and killed by Sacramento police in 2018.

Clark was one of several people in attendance whose experience with gun violence led him to become an activist.

“I’m all about the culture, and events like this put a spotlight on the people in the community that are doing something for the community, doing something for the culture,” said Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s brother.

“It’s an honor to be next to Al Sharpton because you see the work that he’s put in, and you want to be just like him,” said Eric Garner, Jr., son of Eric Garner. “You want to put that same positive energy into the world.”