CENTRAL PARK, Manhattan (PIX11) — Flaco, a Central Park Zoo owl, remained on the loose on Sunday, more than a week after he escaped, according to the zoo.

The Eurasian eagle owl got loose on Feb. 2 after its exhibit was vandalized, zoo officials said. Many worried over if Flaco would be able to hunt for himself, but that’s no longer a concern. Flaco has been successfully hunting for himself.

“Since our recovery strategies thus far have all been based on luring him to familiar food items, we need to rethink our approach,” a zoo spokespersons said. “Our main concern has always been for the well-being of the eagle owl. Our observations indicate that he seems to be comfortable in the area of the park where he has been hunting, and we don’t want to do anything to encourage him to leave this site.”

Birders and zoo workers continue to keep their eyes on Flaco. They’ll work to “opportunistically recover him when the situation is right.”

The vandalism at the zoo is still under NYPD investigation. The vandal cut stainless steel mesh at the exhibit.