NEW YORK (PIX11) — Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Catholic Charities are helping the migrants who have come to New York City from Texas get settled and assisting them navigate the legal process of staying in the city.

“There is a burning desire to get settled, to get a job and to be responsible citizens and get their kids in schools,” Dolan said. “This must have been the way my great grandparents felt when they came from famine-struck Ireland.”

As the buses continue to come to Manhattan, Catholic Charities said it is helping approximately 1,500 people who have been relocated to the city. The organization will work with the city to open a reception center next week to accommodate the migrants who are being bused to the state by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

The organization has seen a steady influx of arrivals, but the numbers jumped last month when more than 200 families/people were coming per week, officials said. Many of the people are from Venezuela.

Some of the asylum seekers are at risk of being deported because they are missing important court hearings. At the border in Texas, the migrants were given the address of Catholic Charities and told to go there. But because they don’t yet where they will be staying, it’s hard for authorities to contact them, Dolan said.

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“We try out best to register and keep track of the people here, but it’s difficult to keep in touch with them,” Dolan said. “These people want to do things legally.”

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