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NEW YORK (PIX11) — John Peterson may be down on his luck, but thanks to the Bowery Mission, on this Monday night he will not go hungry.

It is a promise the Mission makes to hundreds of people every single day.

But just behind the bustling dining room and serving area, the rear Food Pantry is on life support.

And while a severe dip in food donations to the pantry hasn’t comprised the size of the day’s meals, it has forced the Mission to scale back in two other vital areas: Offering fewer groceries to people in need out in the neighborhoods and back at the mission.

“We’re missing everything except coffee and corn flakes,” said Director of Operations Matthew Krivich. “I’ve seen that we’re receiving less donations at our front desk for this time of year, but also there’s an increase of people who are in need.”

Still, to hear the Bowery Mission, of all places is struggling with food donations, doesn’t seem to worry residents like John Peterson.

“I feel like I have a future, and a hope thanks to this place. Definitely,” said Peterson.

He’s confident good fortune will return to the food pantry, simply based on the Mission’s reputation.

That reputation, as a safe haven for the homeless and hungry, made its way all the way up to John’s native Bridgeport, Connecticut and prompted him to make the trip south seeking shelter and hot meals.

But John says here, to his surprise, he has found so much more.

When asked what he’ll tell people about the Bowery Mission when he gets back on his feet, Peterson replied, “That there is a vital institution that plays a major role in restoring people’s lives. And often times, when people find themselves in situations of desperation, typically, they find themselves alone. But places like this don’t make you feel like you’re alone.”