TRIBECA, Manhattan (PIX11) — No, it’s not the famed ‘Bean’ statue in Chicago – it’s a smaller version in New York City.

The reflective Anish Kapoor sculpture recently popped up in Tribeca on Leonard Street near Church Street. It was revealed at the end of January, the Tribeca Citizen reported. Construction began in 2019.

“The city can feel frenetic, fast and hard, imposing architecture, concrete, noise. My work, at 56 Leonard Street, proposes a form that though made of stainless steel is also soft and ephemeral. Mirrors cause us to pause, to be absorbed and pulled in a way that disrupts time, slows it down perhaps; it’s a material that creates a new kind of immaterial space,” Kapoor told the Tribeca Citizen.

At its highest point, the sculpture is 19 feet tall, according to CNN. It’s estimated to have cost between $8 million and $10 million.

The sculpture had not yet been named. The version in Chicago, which is known as the Bean, is actually called “Cloud Gate.” Compare the two sculptures below. The Chicago version if shown on the left while the Manhattan version is shown on the right.

Chicago’s “Cloudgate,” also known as “The Bean,” is shown on the left. A new sculpture in New York City is shown on the right. (Left: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images | Right: PIX11)