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SOHO — She’s the most popular doll in the world and she doesn’t look a day over 25, but today Barbie turned 60 years old. Fans lined up at a pop-up store on Broadway on Saturday to help celebrate.

Oh Barbie, you’ve been through so much in the last 60 years but who hasn’t. Look at the first bathing suit you wore when you debuted in 1959.

And the careers you’ve had starting with a registered nurse, flight attendant, fashion designer and executive.

Ken arrived on the scene as your boyfriend in 1961 but you guys officially broke up in 2004 because of his failure to commit. But no worries, the people who packed this pop-up were always on Barbie’s side.

“Growing up we had only one doll with skin my color,” Nadia Williams, a Barbie lover, told PIX11 News. “Now there are fifty,” she added.

“There are different shapes and different sizes of Barbie now, and now she looks like me,” Angeliq Brock, a Barbie Ambassador said. “There used to be just one, tall, skinny, blond and caucasian,” she added.

The line of people waiting on Broadway in SoHo to celebrate Barbie’s 60th birthday was so long, some waited for more than three hours just to see their girl.

PIX11 asked 15-year-old Isangel Acevedo if Barbie was a feminist icon or a throwback to a more traditional female, her reply? “She’s a little of both.”

Back inside, past the Barbie Dreamhouse, is the “wall of firsts,” Dreams that Barbie has yet to fulfill, like becoming the first female African American President.

Each visitor to the pop-up store got to choose their own Barbie is to take home.

“Thank you so much, Barbie,” Josie Francis, another Barbie lover, said. “This 60th anniversary was great. I enjoyed it so much,” she added.