MANHATTAN (PIX11) — It may be one of the last places you think of when you think of art and design, but Penn Station is in the midst of many improvement projects and art is a part. 

Artist Derrick Adams was ready for the challenge. He knows the space as a commuter going between his Brooklyn studio and Baltimore.

“When I first thought about the installation and what could be here, I thought about what was missing. I’m interested about making art and unconventional places. We think we have to go far out of the city to be a part of nature, but you just have to know where to go,” he said.

He titled the work “The City is My Refuge” and it features faces amid nature scenes. Adams captures the motion of the people.

The “Art at Amtrak” show runs concurrently with his exhibit in Chelsea at The FLAG Art Foundation.

At Penn, the murals wrap around the concourse and Amtrak’s main waiting area. The building columns become trees.

Agency officials say it’s the first time an artist has covered this much territory. It will be up through the summer.