UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) – Another cyclist died in New York City Tuesday morning, this time at East 85th Street and Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Carling Mott, 28, fell while riding a Citi Bike on 85th Street while waiting for the light and was struck by a tractor-trailer when the light turned green.

Flowers have been laid carefully by a tree guard along 85th Street, a stretch of road where six years ago city officials considered adding bike lanes, along with several other cross streets on the Upper East Side.

The plan never moved ahead, in part because of the fierce pushback that came from Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who is now embroiled in a hotly contested race for reelection.

Maloney lobbied the local community board against the bike lanes, on 85th and 84th streets in particular, according to the New York Post. She cited security concerns near the several area private schools, the Post reported.

Maloney said in a voicemail to the community board transportation chair, according to the Post: “Just a lot of community activity taking place, and many believe that it is a security challenge for the young people on the street.”

Maloney and her staff have not responded to PIX11’s inquiries about the episode.

“This is a tragedy, and it’s not just a tragedy on the Upper East Side, it is a tragedy across New York. We have rising traffic violence for years in a row,” said Danny Harris, executive director with Transportation Alternatives, a group that advocates for more walking, cycling and public transportation.

“We are frustrated that with this project, and other projects, people are citing safety concerns, to not bring life-saving infrastructure to our streets,” Harris said. “This is another example where we had the solutions and because of lack of political will New Yorkers are dead.”