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HARLEM — Saturday morning, Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network hosted family members coping with the deadly Harlem fire early Wednesday that claimed the lives of six people, including four children.

Sharpton and leaders from NAN rallied in support Saturday around family members including Raven Reyes, daughter of victim Andrea Pollidore; Natelle Polidore and Kendra Pollidore-Mulzae, sisters of Andrea Pollidore; Jean Belot, father of Elijah, the fire’s youngest victim; and Jamilah Abdullah, Talib Abdul-Rauf, and Malika Abdullah, the parents and sister of 32-year-old victim Mac Abdularaulph.

The event took place at the NAN House of Justice on West 145th Street near Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem.

Sharpton called for all of Harlem to rally around the family that lost six loved ones in the devastating fire, and also announced thousands of dollars in donations from both himself and NAN to help the family with funerals and other costs.

After the event, Kendra Pollidore-Mulzae, sister of the mother killed and aunt to the children killed, thanked the community for its support, and warned of fake fundraising efforts.

Donate to help the surviving family members at this official GoFundMe campaign, started by Pollidore-Mulzae.

Andrea Pollidore, 45, and her four children — two girls, Nakiyra, age 11, Brooklyn, age 6,  and two boys, Andre, age 8 and Elijah age 3 — and Mac Abdularaulph, 33, believed to be Pollidore’s stepson, were killed early Wednesday when the fire, which fire officials say was caused by unattended cooking, spread throughout their unit at the Frederick Samuel Apartments along West 142nd Street in Harlem.