HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) — As outrage grew over police actions during a Harlem arrest, the NYPD released body-camera video of the incident and Mayor Eric Adams defended the officer on Thursday.

Community members criticized the actions of NYPD Detective Kendo Kinsey. He was on scene as police arrested Elvin James, 23. When Tamani Crum, 19, saw what was happening, she ran over. Kinsey was then was seen on video shoving Crum to the ground.

“Don’t f—ing put your hands on me,” Crum can be heard saying on the video before she’s knocked down.

The NYPD expedited the released of the body-worn footage, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said. The department is reviewing the use of force in the Harlem incident. Mayor Adams noted that if the review shows there’s a need for retraining or change, that will happen. But overall, he commended the officers.

“I think those officers on the scene showed great restraint,” Mayor Adams said. “They did what the system called for. They didn’t turn off their body cameras, that’s why we have footage of what happened. I am not going to tell police officers to go out, apprehend dangerous people, and then come later when they did what they were supposed to do and not say you protected the people of this city.”

Adams also chided the crowd allegedly interfering in the arrest of James. He was being sought in connection with an attempted murder and was allegedly carrying a weapon when he was taken into custody.

“He was armed with a ghost gun in his belt, and people got in and interrupted while police were taking action,” Adams said. “That just can’t happen. I tell New Yorkers all the time, don’t endanger yourself, and don’t endanger other officers, and don’t endanger the public. At a safe distance, you can video what the officers are doing, but you should never go inside a scene of apprehension. And if you look at the video, the young lady was inches away from the person who was armed with that gun. That action endangered those police officers, and you can’t do that as a civilian.”

Paul DiGiacomo, president of the union representing detectives, also jumped to Kinsey’s defense.

“As the DEA explores a possible civil suit on behalf of our dedicated member against the woman who attacked him, we urge politicians to open their eyes and see the public safety disaster they’ve created,” he said.