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MANHATTAN — Dozens of protestors were arrested in Manhattan Sunday as they rallied against what they described as Amazon’s cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

NYPD officers took 44 people into custody. On Saturday, 100 were arrested at another ICE protest. The protest Sunday at Amazon’s store on 34th Street was part fo a day of action as Jews around the world observed the fast day of Tisha B’av. Jewish organizations scheduled protests against ICE all across the country.

“Today Jews from across organizations and congregations and synagogues came together as one to decry Amazon’s relationship with ICE, Amazon’s collaboration with ICE and the way in which Amazon enables the deportation machine,” Audrey Sasson, executive director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, said. “We are calling on Amazon to cut their ties with ICE.”

The rallies were organized after last Wednesday’s massive ICE raid; more than 600 people were detained.

Activists in New York targeted Amazon because they say the tech giant hosts databases for s software that allows officials to more easily find and detain immigrants.

PIX11 reached out to Amazon for comment.