NEW YORK (PIX11) — Two NYU students were shot to death during a holiday in Puerto Rico, according to the university.

The victims were business students who were caught in the crossfire when a fight broke out between two groups at a nightclub early Saturday, according to an NYU spokesperson and an NBC report.

“The NYU community is brokenhearted and shocked by the deaths of two MBA students in Puerto Rico, victims of senseless, tragic gunfire,” the NYU spokesperson said in a statement.

The students were part of a larger group who had traveled to Puerto Rico to celebrate a birthday, the report said. There were no other injuries in the incident.

“The University has been in touch with the remaining group members to offer them support and aid; none of the others were injured. NYU has also reached out to the families of the slain students to provide whatever assistance we can and to express the sympathies of the University community,” the school spokesperson said.