MANHATTAN (PIX11) — It’s a history-making moment on stage. The first Spanish-language opera in almost a century is now performing at the Met.  

The lead of the production playing at the Met is now a world-famous opera singer with Mexican roots. Ailyn Perez hopes the groundbreaking show will have deep meaning for the Hispanic community and bring new audiences to the

Perez is a rising star at the Met. Although she’s performed there more than a dozen times, this show, Florencia en el Amazonas, is close to her heart. 

She leads the first Spanish-language opera at the Met in 97 years. Perez, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, was born and raised in Chicago and now lives in New York City.

She said performing every minute is a complete joy. She is proud of the show and knows how important this moment is for the Hispanic community. Perez said it’s a historical masterpiece that mixes culture, community, and a diverse cast.  

Andrea Puente Catan is the wife of the late opera writer and composer Daniel Catan. Catan said the opera is a very emotional but long-overdue experience. He hopes a newcomer to opera will find it life-changing and entertaining.

It’s an ensemble cast, with mostly Hispanic singers- from Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Spain, to name a few countries. Perez hopes the show will bring a whole new audience to the Met to experience the world of opera for the first time.

These two Latinas hope that the fact that it’s in Spanish will touch not only the hearts but also the souls of the Latino audience.  

This show runs through Dec. 14 and has a special movie performance on Dec. 9. You can find more info here.

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