HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (PIX11) – A Long Island family was torn apart by a deadly double stabbing Thursday afternoon.

The suspect, Candelario Cordova, was driving along Oakwood Road in Huntington with one of the victims, Roque Cisneros, as a passenger when he pulled over in front of a school, retrieved a knife from the trunk and stabbed Cisneros multiple times just before 1 p.m., police said. Cisneros’s wife, Vilma Campos, pulled up in another vehicle alongside the horrific scene and Cordova then turned the knife on her, according to police.

Two people driving by witnessed what was going on, stopped Cordova by holding him down and then called 911, according to police. Cordova was taken into custody on Oakwood Road near West 19th Street, authorities said.

Cisneros, 58, was pronounced dead at the scene. Campos, 54, was rushed to a hospital with injuries that police described as non-life-threatening.

Police said Cordova and Cisneros were friends and coworkers for several years. However, a motive remained unclear, as of Friday. All three live in Huntington Station. 

According to the prosecutor, Cisneros’s wife first saw Cordova’s SUV parked in front of her home and noticed Cordova was allegedly trying to pull her husband out from the passenger seat but was unsuccessful. So Cordova allegedly took off with Cisneros still inside.

Campos, fearing something was wrong, followed the men. Once at an intersection, Cordova apparently jumped out of his SUV and pulled out a long knife from the trunk and stabbed Cisneros. That’s when the victim’s wife ran over to try to stop the attack, but Cordova allegedly stabbed her too.

Police charged Cordova, 53, with second-degree murder. Additional charges were expected to be filed.