LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (PIX11) — A wild cat was spotted on Long Island on Wednesday, according to animal welfare advocates.

This is the first sighting of one in the wild in 38 years, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). It may be a bobcat, but officials from the Bronx Zoo believe it’s an African serval and experts from Humane Long Island and Strong Island Animal League identified the cat as some type of lynx.

Diane Huwer spotted the cat on her Boulevard Avenue front porch in Central Islip on Tuesday morning, she said. It was siting still like a statue. At first she thought it was a lion.

“I ran in the house. Then I said, “oh my God, that’s a big cat,'” Huwer said.

She said her home is a magnet for unusual animals. Huwer said that, in the past, she’s had a crab on her porch and chickens running around her lawn.

Officials warned New Yorkers that the cat, which may have escaped from a house, can be dangerous. It is illegal to own a wild cat without a special permit, authorities said. Anyone who encounters the cat has been advised to keep their distance and call 911.

John di Leonardo with Humane Long Island is working to safely capture the wild cat. He went door to door Wednesday letting people know about the animal.

“He doesn’t know how to survive on his own and he’s likely desperate for food,” di Leonardo said. “So it’s very important that if anyone sees him that they keep their distance.”

An animal sanctuary has already offered to foster the cat once he’s safely captured. Another sanctuary in Colorado has offered to give the cat a permanent home.