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Warning: Video contains graphic language and violence.

VALLEY STREAM, Long Island (PIX11) — Police are looking for a mother who viciously beat a woman in a Long Island mall parking lot as her husband and children watched, the brutal attack all caught on camera.

Nassau County police say the 49-year-old victim tried to park her car in a space at Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream Sunday afternoon. She noticed a man standing in the space, as if he was saving it, so she drove away and parked in a different spot.

As she was walking to the mall, she got into an argument with a woman. The exchange of words turned violent, and the victim was thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched in the face. In disturbing video posted on YouTube, a man  — who identifies himself as the attacker’s husband — can be heard saying “My wife is gonna beat her a**! Yeah baby, bust her face,” while holding a small child. Another child, a boy, can be heard screaming “Mom stop it!” but is told “mind your elders.”

The woman in the orange tank top told PIX11 she is actually the victim, and the woman in the gray dress attacked her first.

Several adults stand by and watch the fight, but none intervene. Eventually, one man pulls the two woman apart. “You got knocked on your face for running your f***** mouth. Now go home. Brooklyn style, b****,” the attacker’s husband says as the crowd clears the parking lot.

Police say the victim suffered minor injuries to her face but refused medical attention.