LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (PIX11) — Investigators said they’re not only moving forward with an investigation into the more than decades-old Gilgo Beach murders, they’re making progress. Tuesday, officials released previously unseen video of one of 10 victims, Megan Waterman, inside a hotel.

“Based on what we know, right now, we believe she left the hotel that night to meet her killer,” Suffolk County Police Department Commissioner Rodney Harrison said.

Waterman’s body was found in a marsh along Oak Beach after her family reported her missing. The investigation into another missing woman uncovered a larger pattern and a manhunt.

Harrison created a new task force to bring the killer, or killers, to justice. However, the attorney for one victim said what police are doing isn’t enough to crack the case.

“This is the first step,” John Ray said. “It’s a very small, baby step towards what should be done.”