BAY SHORE, N.Y. (PIX11) — Two Long Island parents now have their hands full and a more crowded home, but it’s filled with three times the love.

Gladiys Licona and Jose Garcia welcomed triplets in January at South Shore University Hospital in Bay Shore on Long Island. The three girls make up two identical babies and one singleton.

“I’m thankful for the three babies,” Garcia said.

The majority of triplets that deliver in the United States are the result of in vitro fertilization or other assisted reproductive technology, but Licona conceived her triplets naturally, a 1 in 10,000 chance.

Dr. Jolene Muscat, a maternal fetal medicine physician, said the newborns made history at the hospital.

“This was the first known set of triplets at our institution in the past 50 years,” Dr. Muscat said.

When delivering triplets, the medical planning is key. Delivery was planned pre-term at 34 weeks – six weeks earlier than a full-term pregnancy because growth can become restrictive and it’s only done via C-section. The doctors said mom received some extra help to optimize the health of her three girls.

“Prior to delivery, she received steroids or betamethasone that prepares the babies and puts them in the best possible place for early delivery,” Dr. Muscat added.

On Jan. 22, Mia, Sofia and Brianna came out healthy and weighed no more than four pounds each, the average weight for triplets. They spent two weeks in the NICU to put on more weight and gain strength before heading home.

Mom and dad aren’t getting much rest, but they don’t mind.

“It’s not so much of a sacrifice when you love somebody so much,” Licona said. “We don’t sleep much and it’s tough, but it’s not that hard when you love some somebody that much.”

They were also asked if this was the first time having children, and they replied, “Yes.” They were then asked if this was their last time having children. They again, replied, “Yes.”