HEMPSTEAD, NY (PIX11) — A 19-year-old was shot and killed just outside the entrance to a Hempstead McDonald’s on Wednesday, police said.

Officers rushed to the Peninsula Boulevard restaurant after 911 calls around 3:50 p.m. When they got there, they found the body of the 19-year-old victim. He was shot multiple times, police said.

The victim was with a group of friends in the parking area near the dumpster, to the side of the main entrance of the fast food restaurant, authorities said.

“He was just hanging around the parking area and these individuals came up behind him and started shooting,” a police spokesperson said.

Investigators believe the teen killed was the victim of a targeted shooting. The teen has not yet been identified.

A car was also hit by a gunshot, police said.

As word spread of the shooting, concerned parents rushed to the scene, which is known as a popular spot for kids to gather. There are multiple schools in the area, including Hempstead High school, which is less than a mile away.   

While police have not said if the victim was a student, the vice president of the school board is concerned about gun violence and says more police are needed.

“Whether it’s a Hempstead High School student or not, it really doesn’t matter. It’s a young person, 19 years old. The death of a 19-year-old is very serious and we are very concerned about the safety of that young man and the rest of the students that hang out in this area,” said Lamont Johnson, vice president of Hempstead’s school board.