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LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — More shark sightings on the south shore of Long Island have prompted officials to keep a close eye on the water.

Increased shark patrols are underway throughout Nassau County where sharks have been roaming the waters.

The sharks that have been spotted are not the ones people are used to seeing in the area. Blacktip reef sharks, which are usually more aggressive than the bull sharks typically found in the area, have been spotted off the shore.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran also said the county has also seen sand sharks and thresher sharks, which are larger in size, and it’s likely due to cleaner waters.

The Nassau County executive urged beachgoers to listen to lifeguards if a shark is spotted and to avoid wearing jewelry as glistening may resemble fish scales and attract sharks. She also said to avoid swimming alone, especially during dawn and dusk.

“Be mindful,” Curran said. “Take extra precautions and listen to the lifeguards.”

Vaccinations in Nassau County

Curran said the region has seen numbers go up in recent weeks. At one point, Nassau County was at 0.3% positivity, but that has risen to 2.6% positivity.

She attributed the rising cases to the delta variant, which is very contagious. 

In Nassau County, more than 81% of people 18 and older are vaccinated, and about 97% of those 65 and older are vaccinated.

Curran did acknowledge there are some “breakthrough” cases, meaning those who are vaccinated still contract COVID, but they are less likely to get hospitalized.

Masking up

Should people wear masks again while indoors? The CDC released new guidelines, recommending everyone wear masks indoors no matter their vaccination status.

Curran said she is asking everyone to take a personal risk assessment.

If you are vulnerable, feel vulnerable, live with a child too young to get vaccinated, take the precautions, Curran said.