SHIRLEY, L.I. (PIX11) — Police on Long Island came to the rescue of a baby deer that became stuck in icy, near-freezing water on Sunday afternoon, according to authorities.

Officials said a park ranger reported the deer stuck in the ice at Narrow Bay, just off Smith Point County Park in Shirley, around 4:18 p.m. Soon after, officers from the Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau responded.

One of the officers got onto an ice sled as two other officers tended the line on the sled, police said. Photos shared by the department show the first officer on the sled, heading out to the fawn in distress.

As he approached the young deer, he was able to lift it out of the water and onto the sled with him, authorities said. The icy water was approximately 40 degrees, according to officials.

Once the fawn was onboard, police said the other two officers pulled the sled safely back to shore, just before 5 p.m. Once on land, the deer was towel dried and wrapped in blankets in order to start getting its body temperature back up, according to authorities.

The deer was then taken to a nearby animal rescue center for treatment, according to police.