LONG ISLAND (PIX11) — Shark sightings continue to increase on Long Island; the latest happened Sunday morning at Lido Beach.

Lifeguard Frank Falcone spotted the shark’s fin in the water around 11:45 a.m.

“We saw a fin coming through the area, about 25 to 30 yards off shore,” explained Falcone. “And it was just steady pacing, and it was above the surface.”

Falcone said he and his fellow lifeguards cleared everyone out of the water, put up red flags, and notified other nearby beaches. No one was injured.

Claudia Romero was on the beach when the shark was spotted, and said lifeguards immediately sprung into action.

“They were on track as soon as they heard,” said Romero, adding that lifeguards went out to patrol the whole shore.

Town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin said there have been more shark sightings along the south shore of Long Island in the last two years than in the last decade.

Clavin said the town has a shark patrol, as well as lifeguards who walk up and down the shoreline, looking for sightings. In addition, lifeguards receive special training.

“We actually train our lifeguards in identifying dorsal fins of the different species,” explained Clavin.

Clavin said swimmers should always be aware of their surroundings in the ocean, but should not at all be afraid to come enjoy the beach.