HEMPSTEAD, Long Island (PIX11) — Lifeguards on Long Island are being trained to do more than save swimmers.

In the Town of Hempstead, officials said lifeguards are being taught how to positively identify shark dorsal fins and swimming patterns.

Since Monday, five people have been bitten by marine life while swimming along the South Shore. Four are confirmed shark bites; two off Fire Island, one at Robert Moses State Park, and one at Quogue Village Beach.

Hempstead Town Officials are using drones, a 15-foot whaling boat, and jet ski patrols to search for sharks daily. They are also communicating with other nearby shore towns so everyone can be informed about shark sightings.

Hempstead Town Supervisor Don Clavin said that’s important.

“This isn’t star trek, ladies and gentlemen. Sharks don’t just beam in and beam out. They come to the area. They migrate up and down the coastline,” said Calvin.