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JONES BEACH, NY — A lifeguard was injured in what may have been a shark attack at Jones Beach on Monday, officials said.

The lifeguard, who was bitten around 11 a.m., said he saw a fin.

The lifeguard’s condition wasn’t immediately clear, but he was treated for the small injury on site, officials said. He was taken to a local hospital and was said to be recovering at home.

A drone flew over the area and did not spot any sharks, according to local officials. A law enforcement aviation unit was deployed to examine the shorline.

Esther Guercio — a woman at the beach — said she was set to move from New Jersey to Long Island.

“First a bull and now sharks, I’m wondering if we made right move,” Guercio said.

One user on Twitter wrote he’d headed to Jones Beach and was about to go into the water when it was shut down for a shark sighting.

Nassau County officials boosted ocean patrols last week after three separate shark sightings off of the southern shores of Long Island.

There were 20 confirmed shark sightings — a record number— at Long Island beaches last summer, officials said.