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VALLEY STREAM, NY — A Long Island Mom is fighting for her life against her neighbor who she claims is threatening her in a racially motivated attack.

It all started, in 2017 when the mom moved to Valley Stream. PIX11 is identifying the woman only as Jennifer.

Jennifer was an excited first time homeowner, but instead of feeling welcomed to the neighborhood, the registered nurse felt defeated. She blamed her next door neighbor for ongoing threats from the moment she moved in.

“From the fence it went to the shrubs, from the shrubs it went to the litter, from the litter it went to the feces to human feces, it went to the squirrel and then I said enough is enough,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer is keeping a record of the acts, including disturbing pictures of dead animals she said her neighbor dropped on her yard. She said she she also has pictures of her neighbor sitting outside with a gun and videos of him spitting on her yard and walking by her property in the middle of the night in a black face mask.

The distraught mom said her White male neighbor is targeting her because of the color of her skin. She fears for her life, which is why she posted signs outside her home explaining the ongoing threats, to protect her child should something happen to her.

“If he was saying he could get me eliminated and he can get me erased, then what if I am dead in here and I have a baby here? So if a cop did come here because they heard something, at least they would see the sign and know that my baby’s inside,” Jennifer said.

PIX11 tried speaking with the man Jennifer said is responsible for intimidating her, but he never came to the door.

Neighbors are rallying behind the single mom and some are watching over her home, determined to keep her safe.

New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky said this man needs to be held accountable.

“It’s our job right now to act as hard as we can to get the message out that this is intolerant, unacceptable and we can give it no oxygen whatsoever,”Kaminsky said.

Jennifer’s main focus now is keeping her child safe.

“Pray for me and thank you,” she said.

Nassau County detectives are investigating this case.

At this time, no charges have been made against the man.