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LEVITTOWN, N.Y. — A local school district on Long Island took action after parents expressed their outrage.

“I think sex offenders should not be allowed in schools at any times for any reason,” Kerry Villaume, a Levittown mother of two told PIX11 News.

Villaume has two children at Abbey Lane School and she applauds the school district for canceling evening activities on primary night at eight schools in town that serve as polling places.

This was the first primary night after Gov. Cuomo’s executive order last spring that gave 35,000 parolees, including convicted sex offenders, the right to vote, allowing them onto school grounds after 7 p.m.

“I have three daughters at three different schools and they did the right thing closing schools,” Joe Leary told PIX11 News.

Nassau County legislator John Ferretti has a son in first grade at Abbey Lane School and he believes the law should be changed.

“There’s a bill in the state legislature sponsored by Elaine Phillips that would allow school districts to opt out of voting in school buildings,” Ferretti, who represents District 15 in the Nassau County Legislature, told PIX11 News.

A spokesman for Gov. Cuomo said 16 other states, both liberal and conservative, have restored voting rights to formerly incarcerated individuals without any major problems.

Marc Molinaro, Gov. Cuomo’s republican opponent, criticized the incumbent for allowing sex offenders into schools, saying “Gov. Cuomo has consistently put politics over safety.”

Levittown residents say it’s an issue easily remedied.

“Right behind the school is another school building that doesn’t have children in it so the polling place could be swapped,” Villaume said.