LONG BEACH, N.Y. (PIX11) – One bad decision can lead to permanent consequences, and as the country prepares for another holiday weekend, law enforcement officials in Nassau County are ramping up DWI crackdowns — especially in Long Beach.

On Tuesday at Long Beach City Hall, officials stood in front of a car involved in a recent DUI crash to warn the public about what will happen if they get behind the wheel while intoxicated this weekend.

“The consequences of drunk driving include not only you being arrested, but your car being forfeited to the municipality,” Long Beach Police Department Commissioner Ronald Walsh said.

The Nassau County District Attorney’s office authorized a $30,0000 grant to the City of Long Beach’s police department to enhance DWI enforcement during summer holidays. The money is from forfeiture funds from criminal cases and the initiative staffs officers trained in field sobriety tests, breath analysis, and drug recognition.

“You can expect to see more enforcement activity on our streets,” Walsh added. “We’re going to be targeting drivers under the influence of alcohol.”

They will also be targeting those leaving bars and house parties.

The time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is often referred to as the “100 deadliest days.” Nassau County is no exception.

“In the past five weeks, 14 people have been killed and two seriously injured in vehicular crashes,” Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly said.

So far this year, Long Beach has seen 35 DWI arrests. That’s a 25% increase compared to the same time last year.

With Long Beach being a popular summer destination for many, officials want a safe holiday for all.

“Think before you get in that car,” Donnelly said. “You may just save someone’s life and it may actually be your own.”

With how easy it is these days to order a ride home right off your phone, officials add there’s no excuse to get behind the wheel while under the influence.