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LONG ISLAND (PIX11) – The mother and sister of missing, Long Island electrician Robert Mayer contacted PIX 11 News, soon after his wife, Ida, tearfully pleaded for information about his whereabouts.

“I truly believe she loved my son,” Geri Mayer told PIX 11 from her Suffolk County living room, “but there’s a big piece of the puzzle missing, and I think she holds that piece.”

46-year old Robert Mayer of Dix Hills vanished on June 14th, 2013, just after 2:30 in the afternoon.  If he’s still alive, he turned 47 on February 17th, but there’s been no sign of him since that Friday in June.  PIX 11 secured the photos of the last sighting of Robert Mayer.  He was captured on surveillance camera receiving $300 for scrap metal he sold in West Babylon.

“There have been inconsistencies in her story, right from the start,” Geri Mayer said about her daughter-in-law.

Mayer’s sister, Christine Ellis, added, “In the beginning, she was saying the Russian mob was after him.”

Ida Mayer denied to PIX 11 that she’s changed her story about the events of Friday, June 14, 2013.  She told PIX she arrived home on Leroy Street in Dix Hills with the couple’s children, shortly after 3 pm.  Surveillance footage from a neighbor’s house showed Robert Mayer’s red Pontiac GTO had pulled into the driveway about 2:41 pm and pulled out about ten minutes later, before his family got home.  But the footage didn’t show who was in the car.  His Pontiac was found parked the next day at the Deer Park Long Island Railroad station.

Mayer’s mother–and other sources–revealed to PIX 11 that Robert Mayer, an electrician with the Local 3 union, was struggling with prescription drug use.  His mother said in the late 1990’s, he had fallen from a roof at Elmhurst Hospital, “landed on a pipe, broke every one of his ribs, and he was put on pain medication.”

Mayer’s mother and sister, along with the sources, said he scrapped metal to pay for Oxycontin pills, which caused a problem at home.

Ida Mayer told PIX 11 Tuesday that she believed her husband was beating his prescription drug problem, but she acknowledged when she saw Mayer working on scrap metal in the garage, the night before his disappearance, “It made me wonder, it made me worry.”

The wife, who is the mother of Robert Mayer’s two children, told PIX 11 Mayer had some problems involving work, and she wondered if that was a factor in his disappearance.  She also theorized he may have owed someone money.

Robert Mayer’s mother and sister said they wonder if a mortgage fraud case Ida was charged in, back in 2006, was somehow connected to his disappearance.  The New York Attorney General’s office said Robert Mayer was a participant in one of the phony, mortgage deals.

“It was so long ago; it has nothing to do with this,” Ida Mayer said about the 2006 case.  “Eight years ago. It was resolved.”

Ida Mayer told PIX 11 she didn’t think her husband had relapsed into prescription drug use again.  “We had reached a place of peace and happiness,” she said.  “He was on the right track.”  But Mayer’s mother and sister don’t share that assessment of his recovery.

“I’m pretty sure he was using, and I don’t think he was thinking clearly,” Christine Ellis said of her brother. But

she said her brother was continuing to function at work and was a loving father to his children.  Ellis also told PIX her brother’s shotgun was missing from the house.

Suffolk County police detectives from the 2nd Precinct continue to work on the case. They told PIX 11 there’s no sign of criminality.  They have searched the woods near the Deer Park train station extensively.

Anyone with information on the case can call the 2nd Police Squad in Suffolk at (631) 854-8252.

Ida Mayer said this about her in-laws’ questions: “You want answers, ask me.  I’ve answered questions since the first day.”