CENTEREACH, N.Y. (PIX11) — Centereach High School senior Bella Moore says she’s being intimidated and harassed by her math teacher.

The teen on Thursday told PIX11 News that on at least six occasions, the teacher commented about what she was wearing, including a mid-drift top.

“If I wear this will she think I was acting too Black by wearing a certain shirt,” said Moore.

Moore said the teacher called her a derogatory name, and that’s not all.

“[The teacher] made the comment, ‘I can’t believe these Black kids are always absent,’” Moore said about a comment the teacher allegedly made.

Bella’s mother said she met with the principal and the district but claimed nothing was done. Moore was moved out of the class, but the teacher stayed put and still teaches at the school.

The family hired an attorney after they said no disciplinary action was taken against the teacher. According to the attorney, the district spoke with other students who confirmed what happened in the class. 

Dr. Roberta Gerold, the superintendent of the Middle Country Central School District, released a statement:

“The district is aware of the allegations made in the complaint filed on behalf of Ms. Rexach-Moore. When these allegations were first brought to the attention of the district a DASA investigation was immediately opened. While the district did confirm some of the allegations in the course of its DASA investigation, it cannot discuss the specifics of those findings or the resolution that was implemented, as this is a personnel issue and is now in litigation. Based on the results of the district’s investigation, appropriate action was taken. All action taken was in compliance with the guidelines.”