LONG BEACH, N.Y. (PIX11) — As flames engulfed his home, a Long Beach man was dramatically rescued by a passerby and a police officer.

It happened early Sunday morning. Stephen Pryke was woken up by the flashing lights and loud sirens but was initially unaware it was from his own house. “I turned to the left to go back to bed and I saw the flames come up the side of the house,” said Pryke. “The police officer grabbed me and said ‘you’re out of here.’”

Long Beach lifeguard Colby Lapp was on his way home and came upon the scene. He flagged down veteran Long Beach Police Sgt. Judy Arroyo, who called for backup. Neither hesitated to race into the burning building on West Penn Street. 

“I saw a huge cloud of smoke,” said Lapp.“I saw a lot more flames and the back of the building lighting up was pretty bad.”

Lapp, who is a lifeguard, said his training taught him to always be in rescue mode. He and Sgt. Arroyo banged on doors to alert residents. 

Arroyo suffered burns to her face and arms but is otherwise OK. “Fires can be unpredictable and dangerous and Sgt. Arroyo was able to get them out of there in one piece,” said Inspector Richard de Palma with Long Beach Police. 

Pryke would like to meet Arroyo to thank her.  “She’s wonderful,” said Pryke.