LONG ISLAND (PIX11) — A lynx has a new home, months after rescuers captured it on Long Island.

The lynx was spotted roaming around Long Island back in late July. Now it will live at the Holtsville Wildlife and Ecology Center. An existing cage there was rebuilt into a mountainous terrain for the lynx.

The lynx now weighs 70 pounds, which is a 30 pound difference from when he was rescued, Frankie Florida with Strong Island Rescue Group said.

“He looks so much better. He looks happier,” Florida said. “He doesn’t look stressed. He’s not living in a small, little area anymore; he’s got some room to spread his wings a little bit and play.”

In the months since the wild cat’s capture, rescuers also had to train it to ‘be a cat again’ since it only knew a house-trained lifestyle.

“This animal is clearly imprinted on humans,” Brookhaven Highway Superintendent Dan Losquadro said. “This is not an animal that could ever have been, rehabilitated, you know, put back out in the wild.”