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LONG ISLAND (PIX11) — As we continue to honor black history, we celebrate those building a lasting legacy. Inspired by her childhood memories in Jamaica, one Long Island mom turned her passion for candles and the environment into a business. 

Kadeen Hansen is a wife, mom, and accountant by day. She enjoys making candles in her garage in her spare time. It’s a passion that began as a child in her native country, Jamaica.

“This all started with my mother. She loves candles and growing up in Jamaica, we always had a candle going, especially after she cooked,” said Kadeen.

That feeling was magnified when she emigrated to the U.S. in 2007. But discovered the candles she purchased contained toxins. So, she began making candles herself.

When it comes to making candles, she’s got it down to a science, complete with careful measurements. The base is made of coconut candle wax and uses a cotton wick inside the reusable glass. 

Her products have evolved over the last couple of years. From soaps and body butter to diffusers and wax melts, to name a few. Everything is made with plant-based ingredients and natural fragrances with essential oils.  

With encouragement from her husband Matt, Kadeen began selling these homemade self-care products at local markets before officially launching Aquaries Candle Company in 2022. The name combines Kadeen and her mother’s zodiac signs to pay homage to the woman who inspired her. 

Now her mission is to build a lasting legacy and pay it forward.