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RONKONKOMA, NY — A Long Island man whose company boasts of being able to get loans for corporations and individuals, good credit or bad, has allegedly taken fees from customers and then failed to give them loans.

Anthony Kline works as managing director of Bridgehampton Funding, headquartered in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. Kline apparently took a $2,350 retainer and broker fee from Dr. Bill Dalosis when Dalosis applied for a $110,000 loan to set up a podiatry practice on Long Island. Not long after doing so,  Kline sent Dalosis a letter of intent, indicating the loan would be approved.

“He told me the loan would close in 7-10 days,” Dalosis said.

He says Kline strung him along for more than a month, at which point Dalosis demanded a refund of the $2,350.  Kline agreed and promised the refund with a week, but it never came. That’s when Dalosis contacted PIX11.

Our investigation found that there are at least five other people who paid Kline upfront fees for loans they never got. One man in Virginia Beach said he gave Kline $10,000 and has yet to receive the loan or a refund. Another victim in San Antonio is suing Kline after paying him $3,500.

We also learned that the loan commitment papers Kline sent Dalosis were on the letterhead of Trevor Cole Commercial Corp, a loan wholesaler.  Trevor Cole says Kline forged the paperwork and the company is now suing Kline and Bridgehampton Funding.

I went to the offices of Bridgehampton Funding.  When Kline saw me, he leaped up from his desk and ran out, but eventually returned. He wouldn’t comment on the issue of using Cole’s letterhead. He did say he would give Dalosis a refund and, sure enough, a certified check for $2,350 was delivered three days later.

But the other victims are still waiting for their money. The director of Bridgehampton Funding, Alexander VanDenEssen, says he was unaware of Kline’s unauthorized use of Trevor Cole documents. He says Kline is no longer affiliated with Bridgehampton Funding.

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