LONG ISLAND (PIX11) — A Long Island lifeguard felt lucky on Monday, the day after he was bitten by a shark during a weekend training exercise.

Zachari Gallo was playing the victim during a training exercise when a shark bit his chest and hand on Sunday. By Monday he was feeling good and recovering at home.

Gallo was treading water when he felt a sharp pain. As he pulled his hand closer, he could feel something attached.

“So I kind of got into survival mode,” he said. “I just started punching down, hammer punching down.”

Once he connected with the shark’s body, he realized what it was. He described feeling a “rubbery texture.”

“The third time I hit it, it kind of like jumped the opposite direction,” Gallo said. “I screamed to all of our lifeguards that were in the water at the time to get to shore.”

Beaches were closed on Sunday after the incident. They reopened on Monday. Officials launched drones to monitor the water for sharks.