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RIVERHEAD, N.Y. — Prosecutors on Long Island argued for key video evidence to be used in the case against an ex-NYPD officer accused in the brutal child abuse death of his young son.

Thomas Valva, 8, froze to death in his father’s Center Moriches home last year.

Prosecutors said he and his 10-year-old brother — both on the autism spectrum — were forced to sleep in an unheated garage.

Prosecutors said they have evidence that Thomas and his brothers were victims of child abuse syndrome.

The boys’ father, Michael Valva, and his former fiancée, Angela Pollina, were charged with second-degree murder and child endangerment.

Attorneys for Valva and Pollina sought to keep Ring camera video from inside the house out of the trial. The defense argued that police took advantage of Pollina’s trauma at the hospital after Thomas was pronounced dead when they asked for access to the in-house cameras while she was being treated with Xanax.

Correction: PIX11 initially reported a judge had ruled the evidence could be used. A ruling has not yet been made on the argument from the prosecution int he Valva case.