RIVERHEAD, NY (PIX11) — Most of the jurors who convicted Michael Valva of murder in the second degree in the hypothermia death of his son Thomas, 8, turned out to see the ex-NYPD police officer sentenced.

“He’s getting exactly what he deserves,” said John Krusen, who sat through seven weeks of testimony in the case.

Krusen was asked about Valva’s teary statement that he loved his children and didn’t want Thomas to die.

“His definition of love must be different than mine,” Krusen said. “I think a lot of those tears are because he knows he’s going to be in prison the rest of his life.”

Watch Valva’s full statement:

Juror Christina Anselmo she she believes “there’s some remorse,” but also spoke of Valva’s lack of emotion during the trial, where he didn’t testify.

Juror Thomas Molloy had spoken first for the group, talking about the brutal evidence in the case. Home videos showed 8-year-old Thomas, who was on the autism spectrum, face-planting on the concrete floor, as his body broke down in freezing temperatures.

Crying teachers testified about Thomas and his older brother coming to school hungry and digging through garbage cans for food. Teachers had filed at least 20 complaints with the New York State Child Abuse Hotline.

One of clips played at trial had Michael Valva mocking his son, while the boy was under intense duress in the freezing temperatures on Jan.17, 2020, the morning he died.

“Boo f—ing hoo, he’s cold,” Valva was recorded saying.

Reminded of that Thursday, one juror murmured, “Boo f—-ing hoo for him now,” referring to Michael Valva.