SUFFOLK COUNTY, NY (PIX11) — Mega, a 10-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, is retiring after helping hundreds of crime victims and witnesses in Long Island, officials announced Thursday. 

She spent eight years working as a facility dog. Mega and other dogs like her provide attention, comfort and companionship to those dealing with trauma. 

Mega started with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, then served for a few months in Suffolk County before her retirement. Mega has served under five district attorneys, including former Nassau DA and former United States Representative Kathleen Rice.

“It was a privilege to welcome Mega as the Nassau District Attorney’s first support dog, and with a gentle paw or nuzzle she gave comfort to countless victims and witnesses throughout her years of dedicated service,” Rice said. “I’m wishing Mega a long and enjoyable retirement filled with love, naps, and plenty of treats.” 

Her work day involved sitting with victims and witnesses as they met with assistant district attorneys, according to the DA’s office. She went along with detective squads when victims were being interviewed. Sometimes Mega played with child victims. She also sat outside court and waited with people before and after their testimony. 

Mega’s position at the Suffolk County DA’s office is being filled by Tillman III, a 2-year-old yellow Labrador retriever/golden retriever mix. They were both trained at the Canine Companions breeding facility in California.

After years of service, Mega, who’s 80 in dog years, will live out her life as a pet, officials said. She plans to spend her days lounging on the couch, going for walks and playing fetch.