MERRICK, Long Island (PIX11) — The Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve in Merrick is a favorite spot for nature lovers.

However, sometimes the weeds in the park can be too much for the crews to keep up with. Now, some new faces will lend some helping hooves.

These goats and these sheep have a job here. They are going to help cultivate the area and areas where there has been excess growth — earn their keep in this location,” said Don Clavin Hempstead Town Supervisor.

Five baby goats and two sheep will help to reduce weeds and overgrowth at the popular 50-acre preserve. They will help keep it clean and beautiful. One of their main duties is to eat the vegetation that often grows in hard-to-reach areas. 

This was the dump back in the ’70s and stuff. It took years, but they did it and it’s absolutely gorgeous,” said Lori Axelrod.

This isn’t the first time animals have been brought to the park to help with its upkeep. There are already adult goats living there. The existing team of Nigerian dwarf goats dates back nearly 20 years.

Some visitors said they are delighted to see so much nature thriving in what used to be a former landfill. The jogging trails and skyline views will be more accessible thanks to the four-legged landscapers. 

I come here all the time. And my sister told me about the baby goats. I came to see them,” said parkgoer Jeanine Jutt.

The two sheep are named Boots and Socks. The male goat is Clay and the female goats are Priscilla, Mia, Sweety, and Latte. Though it may take a while for visitors to remember all of their names, they are already getting rockstar treatment.