OAK BEACH, NY (PIX11) — Vital evidence, including 911 recordings, related to the Gilgo Beach murders appear to be ready to be released to the public, in a move that would mark a sharp contrast to how the serial killing case has been handled for many years since the case opened in 2010.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said this week that he intends very soon to keep a pledge that he made late last year to be forthcoming with evidence, including 911 tapes that have been restricted from release.

The recordings are of the 22-minute call to 911 that Shannan Gilbert made just before she’d disappeared in the overnight hours of May 1, 2010. John Ray, the attorney for Gilbert’s family, said that Commissioner Harrison has been accessible and communicative regarding the Gilgo investigation, and has indicated that the release of evidence is imminent.

“It’s supposed to happen, virtually now,” Ray said in an interview on Thursday. “That tape will demonstrate that Shannan Gilbert was not insane, irrational or acting in a way” said, Ray, that would result in her ending up in “a marsh in Oak Beach and managed to find herself dead.”

Ray was referring to what he calls misinformation about Gilbert, a sex worker who apparently fled a home in Oak Beach that fateful night. 

The search for her body ended up leading to investigators discovering the remains of nine other people in late 2010 and 2011. Gilbert’s body was found in December 2011. The cause of her death is still not known.

Ray said that, in contrast to previous police commissioners and investigators, Harrison takes his phone calls, and that as recently as last weekend, Ray alerted the commissioner that a hobbyist sleuth had found a bone in a beach marsh.  

He said that the commissioner sent drones out to the area where the bone had been found, and that investigators interviewed people in the Oak Beach area who haven’t been spoken with previously. 

In addition to the 911 recordings, police will also release surveillance video showing another Gilgo victim, Megan Waterman, running out of a hotel where her killer may have been.  

Harrison has said that sharing evidence with the public can only help.  Ray endorsed that approach.  

“Once they start releasing that information,” Ray said, “maybe people will start to come forward.”