GILGO BEACH, NY (PIX11) — Just over a dozen years after Shannan Gilbert frantically dialed 911 on May 1, 2010 — screaming on the phone that “they’re trying to kill me” — police plan to make the contents of that call public at noon on Friday.

Suffolk County’s new police commissioner, Rodney Harrison, had promised to release the call as part of the continuing Long Island serial killer investigation. Gilbert’s call will be part of a 12-minute video, narrated by a lead homicide investigator in Suffolk County, that shows the spots where the petrified sex worker ran in Oak Beach, before she ended up in a marsh.

The audio/video presentation will also contain the 911 calls of other Oak Beach residents that Gilbert, who was an escort, encountered that night, including the late Gus Colletti and another resident, Barbara Brennan. The tapes will be played publicly at Suffolk County Community College, which is where the Suffolk Police Academy is located.

Gilbert had been missing for seven months when a Suffolk County officer and his canine dog found the first of four female victims in December 2010 in the brush off Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach.  They are known as the Gilgo Four. Most of them were wrapped in burlap, their bodies fully intact.

In the months that followed, six other sets of remains were discovered, some of them dismembered, along a 7-mile stretch of Ocean Parkway that extended into Nassau County. A toddler and a man dressed in women’s clothing are among the other victims.

“This is about transparency,” Commissioner Harrison told PIX11 News Thursday night about the release of the 911 calls and special video package, after years of court battles.

Gilbert’s remains were found in a marsh in Oak Beach in December 2011, a year after the first Gilgo victims were discovered. Over the years, several law enforcement sources have told PIX11 News they don’t believe she was murdered by a serial killer.

Her family’s attorney, John Ray, doesn’t agree. Gilbert had mental health issues and police have said she was under the influence of drugs when she started running wildly through Oak Beach in the early hours of May 1, 2010, after leaving client Joe Brewer’s home.