LONG ISLAND (PIX11) — A recent drug bust stopped 3 kilograms of pure fentanyl from hitting the streets, Nassau County police said.

“That’s enough drugs to wipe out the entire population of Nassau County and probably a third of Suffolk County,” said Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick J. Ryder.

Authorities said they intercepted Juan Cruz, of the Bronx, after getting a tip that he was allegedly trafficking nearly $60,000 worth of drugs. Experts said a couple of grains of fentanyl on the tip of a pencil is enough to kill a person.

Police said Cruz is undocumented and admitted to crossing the border with Mexico to regain entry after being deported to the Dominican Republic in 2012. His Background with the law is hard to pin down.

“When we went to fingerprint him, he had burned the fingerprinting off his hand, so we could not identify who he is,” said Ryder.

Nassau County officials said fentanyl has been wreaking havoc throughout Long Island and young people are especially vulnerable to the highly addictive and lethal substance.

Fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death for 18- to-35-year-olds — ahead of traffic accidents. It’s why police are ramping up their patrol efforts through a new initiative called Operation Overwatch. 

“Twenty cars out every day for 12 hours a day in every neighborhood of Nassau County,” said Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman. 

The drug bust comes during a week of other crime takedowns in the county, including several unrelated traffic stops that lead to arrests. In each case, the NCPD said the suspect was stopped for a traffic violation and turned out to be in possession of an illegal weapon.

The arsenal includes a 380 caliber gun, a 22 caliber Ruger and a 9mm handgun. In one case, police said driver Kashawn Price and his passenger Asaady Smiley had their 8-month-old and 2-year-old children in the car along with a loaded 9mm, 12-round high-capacity magazine and additional .22 caliber ammunition.   

“Anytime we can take illegal guns off the street, we make Nassau County a little bit safer,” said Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly. 

Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, of the Family and Children’s Association, said while law enforcement and treatment are a major help in the fight against drugs, it doesn’t do much for prevention. 

“When you take a mental health crisis and you have almost immediate access to fentanyl and you combine those things together … You have a perfect storm and that’s exactly where we are right now,” Reynolds said.

Cruz was being held in county jail and is due in court on Monday.