NEW YORK (PIX11) — More legal trouble is on the way for Rep.-elect George Santos.  

A 2008 case involving the Republican in Brazil will now be revived, the New York Times reported. Official records show Santos was criminally cited for fraud. According to the New York Times, Santos allegedly used another person’s checkbook to buy clothes at a store in the city of Niteroi in Rio de Janeiro.  

A prosecutor at a criminal court in Niteroi issued a notification to Santos, but Brazilian authorities could not find his address, so the case was archived in 2013. 

Santos spoke about the allegations to the New York Post.

“I am not a criminal here — not here or in Brazil or any jurisdiction in the world,” Santos told the Post. “Absolutely not. That didn’t happen.”

PIX11 News sources have confirmed a prosecutor has officially petitioned to reopen the case. The Brazilian criminal court has also sent a letter to the United States to officially inform the representative-elect of the case reopening, official records show.  

In a text message sent to PIX11 News early Tuesday, Joseph Murray, an attorney for Santos, addressed the allegation.

“In the abundance of caution, I am in the process of engaging local counsel to address this alleged complaint against my client,” wrote Murray in part, adding that he has not been contacted by law enforcement from any jurisdiction about criminal allegations against Santos.

The motion comes a week after the top prosecutor in Nassau County announced she would launch an investigation into Santos after reports emerged that he had fabricated large parts of his personal and professional history. 

This article includes reporting from PIX11 News’ Kiran Dhillon.