LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (PIX11) — A big name in Las Vegas is placing a bet for a shot at a new casino in New York.

Las Vegas Sands CEO Rob Goldstein met with Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman to announce the plans.

“Large-scale resorts require a lot of land. You can’t find that in Manhattan or Queens. This is the largest scale project in the New York area with 80 acres altogether,” said Goldstein.

On Wednesday, Goldstein and Blakeman held a media briefing to explain some details. The county executive said three boxes need to be checked:

  • Luxury hotel accommodations
  • A world-class entertainment center
  • Financial incentives for surrounding areas

“This is the perfect place for this type of project. We have the site, it’s controlled. We believe the state will look favorable upon this application,” said Blakeman.

As the announcement was being made, some neighbors gathered to voice their opposition.

“That abomination does not need to be there,” said Deirdre Benoit.

Some people question the size of the project.

“A casino has a negative impact on suburban communities. Crime rates go up and property rates go down,” said Allison O’Brien Silva.

Some other neighbors and business owners support the project.

“The people of the county complain about the taxes. I see my taxes going up. This would be billions in investment,” said local restaurant owner Frank Borelli.

The Las Vegas Sands Company said it will work with neighbors and would stay with the deal if the casino doesn’t happen.

“It won’t be the same deal. It will be a hotel, residential, and entertainment component,” said Goldstein.

The Nassau County Legislature has to sign off on development deals and it’s set to be discussed next month. The process to apply for casino licenses is open. The state will ultimately make the decision.

Proposals from planners in Yonkers, Willets Point, Times Square, Coney Island, and Hudson Yards are among the groups that have already indicated interest.

The Nassau Coliseum was built in 1972. It had been the place for concerts and sporting events. Hockey fans flocked there to see the Islanders until they moved in 2015.

Currently, the Long Island Nets and New York Riptide have games at the facility. It’s hosting commencements and the Empire State Fair in the coming months.