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FREEPORT, NY — A child and two adults were injured in a Monday afternoon crash in Freeport, police said.

The child was airlifted to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, sources said.

Video from the scene showed the vehicle is partially on curb. A street sign snapped from the sidewalk is visible on the ground in front of vehicle. Video also shows a soccer ball under the front of the vehicle.

The passenger side of the front windshield was smashed in the crash.

The driver was taken into custody at the scene and has since been arrested and is facing charges including vehicular assault and driving while intoxicated.

Eyewitnesses told PIX11 the driver was erratic on the road before the crash. Mike and Carol Dolan were in a vehicle behind the driver and called 911 because they were concerned. They said the driver was weaving for several miles before the crash. The Dolans saw the crash and its aftermath.

“He was frantic and knew he hit somebody,” Carol Dolan said. “He was like ‘oh no, oh no.'”

Police were on scene very quickly after the crash, the Dolans said.

Edit: This story originally reported two children were injured in the accident. We have since learned it was one child injured and have edited our story to reflect this new information.