NEW YORK (PIX11) — Some livery car owners and operators of local bases say their sector of the industry has been hurt by a Taxi and Limousine Commission policy. 

Many of them serve neighborhoods in the outer boroughs that have more limited transit options. 

In 2008, the previous administration created a cap, or a pause, for any new for-hire-vehicle licenses. It was in response to congestion and the number of vehicles on the roads affiliated with the ride hail apps. 

The Livery Base Owners Association was joined by livery car owners at a rally on the steps of City Hall on Monday. The livery car owners must work through a base to connect with a TLC license for the vehicle. 

“TLC is currently considering whether to issue any new licenses to for-hire vehicles in addition to wheelchair accessible vehicles, which are already exempt from the license pause. We are taking the concerns of all stakeholders into account, including drivers, passengers, and base owners,” wrote a spokesperson from the TLC. 

The commission is set to review the policy again in August. The TLC reviews the cap twice a year. That is part of the original policy. It has always allowed new licenses for accessible cars that can also transport people with wheelchairs. The drivers say due to the cap, new small business owners who have the cars cannot start driving, nor can they replace those who have gone out of business. 

Raul Rivera founded a group called NYC Drivers Unite. He’s calling for reform of the TLC.