NEW YORK (PIX11) — A Brooklyn lawyer arrested after removing a piece of plastic covering part of a license plate has sued New York City and the NYPD. 

Adam White, who was arrested on a criminal mischief charge that’s since been dismissed, filed his lawsuit on Friday. In it, he and his lawyer, Gideon Oliver, asked for a temporary restraining order to ensure documents related to the case are preserved by the NYPD. 

“Respondents city and NYPD normally preserve some of the categories of information and documents requested for a period of 90 – or fewer – days from the date of the incident,” the lawsuit states. “Respondents will likely destroy the requested documents, including the recordings, after the relevant preservation period, unless there is a preservation order in place. Mr. White faces imminent and irreparable harm should the court deny this aspect of his application and the above-enumerated evidence, as a result, is spoliated, lost, or destroyed.”

It’s against the law in New York City to obscure a license plate. White previously told PIX11 News the driver of the SUV came running out after him after he pulled an unnecessary piece of plastic from the license plate.

“Next thing, in handcuffs, ‘we’re putting you under arrest, hands behind your back.’ It was quite shocking. They claim that I damaged the plate, but there’s no damage to the plate,” the Brooklyn lawyer told PIX11 in December. 

With the lawsuit, Oliver and Adams hope to get the evidence needed to identify some of the police officers involved, Oliver said. The information could also help in framing the allegations for a future lawsuit. A judge still needs to review the papers and determine what happens next. 

“The NYPD will review and act accordingly with regard to the demand to preserve documents upon receipt of this petition,” a spokesperson said. “The NYPD has a very robust preservation process and upon receipt of this petition, as it does with all such requests, it will place a litigation hold on all requested and relevant evidence.  The purpose of a litigation hold is to suspend a regular retention period which is set by the NYC Law Department and the Department of Records and Information Services.”

A spokesperson for the city’s Law Department said their office had not yet seen the lawsuit, but would review the case once it was served.