FORT GREENE, Brooklyn (PIX1) — Lawmakers in Albany are suggesting New York City issue residential parking permits to help pay for the cash-strapped MTA.

The proposal came out as part of the State Senate and Assembly “On House” budget, and it will still need to be negotiated with Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The idea behind residential parking permits, commonly used in big cities, is twofold: keep crowded neighborhood streets available for local drivers and raise money.

If Albany gives New York City permission to issue permits, it might at first implement something like Queens Councilwoman Lynn Schulman’s proposed pilot program to bring parking permits to Kew Gardens.

“It’s supposed to make sure the residents of the communities have a space to park where they live,” Schulman said, adding that while moving away from cars should be a long-term goal, her constituents were asking for this.

But other lawmakers have been quick to push back against the idea, with Brooklyn Councilman Justin Brannan tweeting: “Umm we never asked for this.”

Staten Island Councilman and Republican minority leader Joe Borelli is skeptical the plan will come together.

“I guess all these woke progressives don’t like cars, unless it’s their car and their parking spot,” Borelli chided.

With the permits issue tied to the annual state budget battle, it’s unclear if the proposal will move forward.