HARLEM, Manhattan — It’s the first blizzard warning anywhere in the tri-state area in four years.

While New York City may have gotten off rather lightly in terms of snow accumulations compared to Long Island and New Jersey, everyone was experiencing frigid temperatures. But some were suffering through this artic snap with no heat in their apartments.

“It’s like Western Beef. It’s like a deep freezer in my apartment,” Jenice Zayas, a Harlem resident, told PIX11 News. “We wear layers and people are getting space heaters and we know what happens with them.”

The snow may have stopped in New York City, but so did the heat for 160 families who live at 80 East 110th Street, part of Lehman Village in Harlem.

Residents said whenever there’s a snowstorm, they have no heat. And when they call NYCHA to complain and write up tickets for repairs, they get the runaround.

“We complain and we hope it will get better,” Margarita Smith, another heatless Harlem resident, told PIX11 News.

PIX11 News reached out to NYCHA for a comment on the lack of heat in the Lehman Village, but they did not respond. NYCHA’s website listed heat as being restored to the apartments. Two others — in Harlem and the East Village — are listed as not having heat or hot water.

Other New Yorkers were also have tough times with the falling snow and frigid temperatures. While all city buses had chains on their tires to help them maneuver through clogged city streets, the LIRR suspended service and some subways were experiencing delays.

Mayor Eric Adams, experiencing his first big snow storm in his first month in office, rode in a sanitation truck to all five borough and then did what most New York City property owners did: a little shoveling of his own stoop.