RIDGEFIELD, NJ (PIX11) — On Labor Day, the last big holiday of the summer, we found drivers at the Vince Lombardi rest stop in Ridgefield, New Jersey working hard to get to their destinations.

One family just finished enjoying several relaxing days at Acadia National Park in Maine. They spent most of the day Monday on the road, trying to get back home to Delaware. They lost a big chunk of time stuck in traffic caused by severe flooding near Rhode Island.

“We started 6:30 in the morning, so we are still driving,” Bijay Gaira said. “I drove, they two guys already drove, and now the last one, he’s just starting now.”

Drivers ran into traditional Labor Day traffic volume, even in areas where flooding was not an issue.

“Man, I was three hours on that freaking traffic today,” driver Rickey Nunez said during a brief stop on his way to Tennessee. “I was supposed to be getting to Tennessee about 6 a.m., but now I’m getting to Tennessee 12 p.m.”

Robert Sinclair of AAA Northeast said traffic volume for this holiday weekend should match or exceed what we saw during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

“We’re figuring some place between 35 and 40 million, more than 40 million will drive, especially given that it’s the last hurrah of the summer,” Sinclair said. “People wanna get out and have a good time and gasoline is cheaper.

But for how long? And is it time to redefine “cheaper”?

Those are questions Mike Marks says he’s asking given his mammoth monthly gas budget of nearly $2,000, complements of a daily commute between his job in New York City and his home in Pennsylvania.

“Dude, it cost me about $80 a day in gas,” Marks said. “It’s crazy.”

He gets reimbursed by his employer, but still has to pay up front for his fill ups. Marks says he’s worried about where gas prices are headed in the coming weeks.