BROOKLYN (PIX11) — With every bundle of carrots, bushel of onions, and bag of beans, Clara Kirkland and her fellow volunteers made progress Friday at the Faith Forward Church Food Pantry in Brownsville, Brooklyn. 

That is when the line stretches down the block. 

“A gentleman came in with his children and he kissed the floor to say thank you. And we told him, ‘Get up its dirty, get up, get up!’ But he said, ‘You don’t know how thankful I am,” said volunteer Clara Kirkland. 

But all this good work, serving about 400 families in need every week is now at risk. 

The food pantry could lose those properties thanks to a real estate dispute involving a bank lien against the previous owner. 

“Imagine if it is gone. I do not know what these people will do,” said Kirkland. 

All with the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner. 

“It would be a shame. I hope it does not happen,” said Anthony, a Brownsville resident. 

Faith Forward Church Pastor Vivian Grubb says the church was not aware of the foreclosure notice. 

“We did not know that the previous owner was not taking care of the issue. We were able to get the judge to halt the auction. We have gotten no feedback from the bank. So right now, we are waiting for the court to see what happens,” said Grubb. 

Pastor Grubb says court documents show it will take almost $1 million to address the previous owner’s lien, fees, and penalties. 

Every day I have been calling the lawyers to say, have you heard anything from the judge? Well, it is a great sign the judge has halted it. We believe prayer has worked,” said Pastor Grubb. 

While pastor Grubb waits for the judge’s decision, he hopes that the food pantry’s good work is a legacy of service, and will have some sway with someone, somewhere in the court of public opinion.